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Cpl SolarFlare6565
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8:00 PM Tue 21st Jun 2016 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Battle for live oaks at 6pst . Training for it will be monday at 7pst

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22nd Jun 2016
Thinking over the battle I think I know how I would run it if we had to again. The map favors a small platoon of heavies in defensive locations and extensive light play. How we should play it is heavies go and bunker down either in the bottom divot, or probably behind some of the buildings on north spawn and wait for scouts to identify the enemy strategies. If they also play a lot of lights, more than us, then the heavies move up around the middle and play TD while the lights try to outplay the enemy lights. If they do lots of heavies you scout their locations and count tanks. 2 or less in a position to defend their base means heavies to and intercept their heavies wherever they are and lights scramble to the enemy cap and kill the stragglers. Either way the map puts a lot (A LOT) of emphasis on how good our lights are, as they will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I would do the following team comp for an 8v8 tier 8:

50 100

The map does not favor aggressive heavy play at the begining. Neither side of the railroad is so much of an advantageous position that you can afford to loose the other side. It also doesn't favor arty or TD play as there are too many locations that tanks can hide, and not enough positions you can sit the TD or arty to guarantee it can cover important places on the map. It's a light tank map, but you need to have 3-4 heavies in order to not loose a brawl, and to dig out places like the south divot or the north ridge.
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21st Jun 2016
I'm not going to be doing the tier ten thing. I don't think we have enough practice or good enough lineups to make it worth it (and not get me frustrated as hell). Still doing the tier eight though.
21st Jun 2016
I have an IS-4. May that be any good?
21st Jun 2016
Got my 140, 62A, and 50 B. I'll try to attend. Lately been grinding a lot of cod apparently the old cods are lit now so a lot of people run wagers on them now. That's where I been lately
21st Jun 2016
I was thinking maybe for the lineup
Eamonnan: object 140
Soul: object 140
Tropical straw (if he can attend):t-62a
Sorry if i left you out cause i don't know what tanks
You have let me know what you guys think of this
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21st Jun 2016
Tier 10 should be fun maybe we could work out a tier 10 lineup sometime today?
20th Jun 2016
Also, we have a match with -V- at at 8e/5p. Tier X.
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20th Jun 2016
What server?
20th Jun 2016
Y'all gots to standardize your times. As I understand this the match is Tuesday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST. You guys are trying to have a practice today (Monday) at 4PM EST/7PM PST to let everyone without 50,00 games played (like myself lol) know how to play Live Oaks. I think I got it figured out now!
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19th Jun 2016
I can do earlier practice if anyone wants. It's going to be 110 degrees tomorrow in Temecula so the business, which doesn't have air conditioning, will be closing around 12pm instead of the usual 4:45ish.
19th Jun 2016
we will need soulforge to leed the practice and battle
17th Jun 2016

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