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Cpl SolarFlare6565
360R - Reserve
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Joined: 6th Apr 2016
Rank: Commanding Officer
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19th Jul 2016

The is the main thread for the reserve. The reserve is for casual play and to fill holes in competitive matches in emergencies. Reserve players are encouraged to learn and train in order to move up to a competitive team, but that is not required.

There is no leader of the reserve as of now. If anyone wants to take a leadership position to organize and improve our newer players, they are welcome to try.
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Joined: 18th Jul 2016
Rank: Private
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20th Jul 2016

I have tanks from tier 1 to tier 10 I usually play aggressive but if I'm lower tier I'll play more conservative
Joined: 11th Jun 2016
Rank: Private
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20th Jul 2016

I am available to be a roster filler. All tiers with only a few t9s and two t10s (TD). t8s are building perks but the most is on the IS3. I am a seal clubber at lower tiers. My WN8 doesn't show too high due to the 7000 or so games prior being run and gun style until I discovered stat tracking so I play much more competitively now.

I have an odd work schedule of 2 (work day) / 2 (days off) / 3 (work day) then the next week 2 (off) / 2 (work) / 3 (off). With 2/2/3 = Monday Tuesday / Wednesday Thursday / Friday Saturday and Sunday. I work 12 hour shifts so I tend to not get on WoT after work hours. My weeks work out to be either a 24 hour work week or a 56 hour week alternating. As of this message is my longer hours working week.
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Joined: 18th Apr 2016
Rank: Private
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1st Sep 2016

nice gamertag lol....I have weird working hours right now as well, Thursday night through Monday night...I play most mornings though.
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