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Which German TD Line to choose?
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Which TD line?

WT E100
Jg.Pz E100

Joined: 7th Apr 2016
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8th Apr 2016

Hi everyone - I hope this is the right place for this kind of query! If not, feel free to delete 

I'm at the point of choosing to either go down the WT E100 'glass cannon' german TD line or the generally more robust Jg.Pz E100 TD line (not saying I'm going to get to either of the tier X's any time soon though!).

As such, I'm after a bit of advice from fellow clan members as to which would be best. I get the impression that the WT line is perhaps the more deadly whilst the Jg.Pz line is maybe a little more 'user friendly'? I have also seen that borsig seems to be recommended for scrims. 

I've tied adding a poll to see if it works!

Currently I have the tier V Pz.Sfl.IVc researched but not yet purchased and I'm partway towards researching the tier VI Jg.Pz.IV on the other line.


Joined: 7th Apr 2016
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8th Apr 2016

Hi dbaggie! I don't play tank destroyers all that much but I know the ones that do prefer the autoloading WT. The Jg.Pz gives you armor to play with, but the WT line has the potential to do so much more damage.

Of course I'm a speed snob so I only play Mediums and Lights. Ha!
Joined: 7th Apr 2016
Rank: Staff Sergeant
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8th Apr 2016

I don't have either, so my comments are based on a "facing them" standpoint. I'd give an overall nod to the waffle, but different situations are better suited to different tanks. I.e. a 2 vs 1 situation against again face to face in the middle of a street with nowhere to go.

The waffle is a bigger threat damage wise with that clip potential, but you do have a reload to consider also. And considering you may avg 600 a hit (what I usually lose from a waffle hit), and that you won't have a 100% hit rate with bounces, track, plus last hit kill shots, whatever, you're probably looking at closer to a potential 1.5-2k +/- a clip and not the full 3k...

The Jg. will get you about the same damage (closer to 1k a hit avg) but not all at once like a clip can. But it can also take a bounce and keep firing, which the waffle can't really do to often. Anytime it can get that bottom half covered up, or in cover where it can't get flanked, it's going to take some skill to dig out.

The waffle has the edge imo... it can pop out and crush a tank or two in a matter of seconds, and has far better mobility, which are possibly the most important aspects of the game. But it's also a priority target, focused on as soon as it's spotted because the other team knows you're a threat and wants your gun out asap.

Basically it's the player's style and skill, along with random situations and some skill/luck that makes one the better choice for you. But I'd say play the one you like and have more fun in... this is just a game lol
Joined: 6th Apr 2016
Rank: Commanding Officer
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8th Apr 2016

I think tropicalstraw has both (I know he has the waffle). So I am sure he can help you choose. I think the WT line is probably better, but I love being impenetrable. I think the Jagdtiger is awesome.
Joined: 7th Apr 2016
Rank: Ambassador
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8th Apr 2016

Thanks for the comments guys - really helpful. Must say I was leaning towards the WF line and it sounds like it may be the way to go, although I had head that the JagdTiger was particularly good as well. Think I'll finish researching the Jg.Pz.IV so it's there for future, but will head on down the WF line

Joined: 18th Apr 2016
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18th Apr 2016

JagdTiger is beast...great damage, good armor and fast reload. It's easy mode. The borsig with 12cm and the Waffentrager with the 15cm are also great. Even though they don't have any armor you can still play peak o boom with them on the front line. Borsig is a fantastic sniper due to excellent camo rating.

The 12cm gun on the Waffentrager is also an excellent choice, easy to rack up huge games with either gun.

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