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Cpl SolarFlare6565
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Joined: 21st May 2016
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15th Jul 2016

I'm using text to speech so a few words may be off get creative.
Something I've been feeling and I've been trying to get us to work on me personally with getting everybody on my friends list that I can either in the clan or getting people that are in the clan on my friends list we're coming into a spot where most of our team ends up being the same repetitive people in things like these Clan Wars me Yeager soulforge Buzz hash Anubis I feel we need to get more active people or get the people that are going to be active on our friends list so we can get them into these matches get them trained this also goes with the thing of the second string we have issues getting 8 people online for a single match butt we have nearly 91 people in the clan possibly more and it's getting to a point of getting frustrated I know it's not my spot to be saying this or anything else but we need to get the actives in we need to get this s*** figured out Anubis you try really hard but we need some step up from other members so if we can get one person to act as a recruitment officer that is an active person I know I know Irish is very active but he does have issues getting onto the forms and the internet so we can try and see about him but it's a hit and miss

Joined: 26th Jun 2016
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17th Jul 2016

You raise valid points and tough questions Witttz. Since joining 360NA three weeks ago, I am impressed by and grateful for the efforts of the few who make this experience possible (WOT Forum posts, this website, clan wars, etc.). 360NA is near the 100 member limit. Participation should not be a problem.

Tankers join clans for several reasons. Some are looking to platoon, many seek training or skill development, while others seek team competition. Identifying these reasons through member self-categorization would greatly help leaders direct their efforts (like the East/West self-cat thread).

Those looking primarily to platoon might identify the tiers they prefer. This way others who also prefer that tier range can friend them. Alternatively, if one has many 360NA friends, one can message in-game friends and ask what tiers they are currently running.

360NA leadership has begun exploring training options. I suggest expanding the Strategy Forum on this site to help less experienced members find resources (links, maps, videos, etc.) they can access to improve their play. Since an avalanche of hyperlinks is daunting, I suggest these resources be part of a discussion on specific topics such as weak spots, focus-fire or armor angling (don't forget WOT basics like options-mini map, snap shot and controller throttle options).

I expect communication is as much a problem with clan war participation is anything else. I know it is possible to "message blast" on 360, but I don't know how to do it. Perhaps if 360NA leadership could "message blast" 360C and/or 360R members 24 hours or so before a clan battle, many more members could prepare for and attend that battle.

360NA has come a long way in just the past few months. It is now at a point where WN8a (monthly performance) will not improve through recruitment, but instead will best improve through member development. I suggest to 360NA leadership (you included Witttz) that you look for ways to help members help you. What do you want 360NA to be and what's your plan to get us there? Lastly, I consider being accepted into 360C Division a privilege that comes with some level of commitment. Please friend Anubis, Eamon and Witttz if you are 360C. These guys really do A LOT of work behind the scenes to make all of this possible. Please donate a little time (or money if you have the where-with-all) each month to support your clan. Thanks for listening. MT
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Last Edit: 17th Jul 2016 by MuchTrain7135
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18th Jul 2016

I am taking steps to improve our organization. I am promoting Buz to lead East (and/or training whichever he decides to run), and I am adding new forums for team talk.
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