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Cpl SolarFlare6565
The Future of 360NA Calling
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Joined: 9th Apr 2016
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12th Aug 2016

So as of Agust 15 I will be back in school along with working. I will not have the same amount of free time as I currently have. This may, and most likely will, influence how many games I can attend and call for. I will still call for everything I can. I like doing it. I'm just not going to be quite as active. This is a heads up for those of you that this will effect. It's not going to be dramatic. I'm not going to be gone for weeks at a time or anything, however it may give those of you who are interested in putting in the work on planning and executing strategies a few opportunities. I thought I should put this up so it doesn't put people on tilt if I can't show up for events.
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Step 1: IS-3 and T-54 ltwt.
Step 2: repeat step one until clan members get so tired of it they actually get the tanks.

Step 3: Profit

Joined: 26th Jun 2016
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12th Aug 2016

Yikes!!! You're an awesome caller with coherent strategy. That's hard to come by. Although I possess sound strategic knowledge, I simply don't (and probably shall never) know the tanks and maps well enough to call. However . . . if you could post some guidelines when forming and implementing your strategies, I'm sure prospective callers would find that useful. I've found a WOT post that might be helpful.

http://forum.worldoftanks ... manders-by-waterwar/

Also, perhaps you could let caller trainees call while you assist. Let them "wear the hat" and just keep them from leading us toward certain death. The caller position clearly takes a lot of work. I hope you find a worthy padawan!

Joined: 26th Jun 2016
Rank: Corporal
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18th Sep 2016

This post follows the Sept 17 Berlin forfeit. Let me first confess that I too failed to notify 360NA leadership that I could not attend. In the wake of our ignominious performance, much has been said on Discord. I hope that moving part of that conversation to this forum helps us to better document our response process.

Clan communication remains haphazard. 360NA leadership simply must keep the Events Calendar on this website up-to-date and complete. Messaging on Discord and/or XBox is too fragmented. We require a central source of event information. This site should be that central source with alternate channel (Discord, XBox) reminders.

That being said, Competitive and Reserve members should communicate their intention to attend/not attend all scheduled competitive events. This requirement accomplishes two goals. It helps 360NA leadership better direct their efforts to gather the necessary participants. It also gives members the motivation to check in and be involved with the clan on a regular basis, even if that involvement is to click "don't attend". Members who habitually fail to do so might be removed from 360C or 360R.

We occasionally have more than enough members in the Lobby and then must exclude some from competition. Our practice has been to identify and keep high WN8 members. This is (imo) a mistake. Preference should be made to members who are signed up for the event (as described above). We can then examine WN8 to fill out the roster from those who show up at the last minute. Which brings me to this . . .

Members must be in the Lobby several minutes BEFORE the scheduled event time. This gives team leaders a reasonable opportunity to set our Order of Battle. Those who are not logged in during the prematch are given second preference if the roster needs culling. 360NA leadership should establish prematch login time and participant selection criteria.

I share the frustration as expressed by others concerning the recent forfeits. I hope the few suggestion made here can be improved upon and adopted to better our performance and enjoyment. This clan has dozens of talented players and many good people. I've learned a great deal about WOT and my play has improved since joining 360NA. If we respond effectively to this latest sting, our clan can move closer to being the competitive AND learning organization that 360NA leadership envision. Thanks for listening. MT
Joined: 6th Apr 2016
Rank: Commanding Officer
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19th Sep 2016

Good input. As I understand it, the main cause of the forfeit was the double booking with WCL. We should be able to field 21 players, give our size, but we all know that is unlikely for us.

As with most things, failure of leadership is the leading cause of failure for the group. My reduction in activity has contributed to our issues. In order to resolve this, I intent to elevate other people (who are active) and delegate duties to them.

Please see our discord discussion on this.
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