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Joined: 12th Jul 2016
Rank: Private
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15th Nov 2016

I like platoons add me Alrizk747
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Joined: 4th Jun 2016
Rank: Corporal
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16th Nov 2016

MVG1985 you can add me
Joined: 27th Feb 2017
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27th Feb 2017

Hello I'm Fabulousblock. I'm 37 married with 4 kids. I'm usually online every evening. I enjoy playing tanks from each nation. But French tanks are my favorites. Hope to see you on the battlefield.
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Joined: 9th Apr 2017
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9th Apr 2017


I am new to the forum and to xbox 360. Kmann79 is my gamer tag. I am a 38yr old father of 4, married. I have been playing tanks for about a year on ps4 and am an average player. I am interested in joining the clan and platooning with everyone. I currently have a couple tier 6 tanks that I am grinding and a handfull of prwmiums. Preff mm 5,7 and 8. Regular 5 and 6. I am starting over from scratch and will have more tanks as soon as I can grind them. I look forward to meeting everyone.
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Kill All Reds!

Joined: 1st May 2017
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1st May 2017

Gt: RedX CooLman. I play tier6 up. Can't give exact times because of work. But mostly evenings. I'm 40 yo. Playing to relax.
Joined: 24th May 2017
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24th May 2017

Hello everyone, I'm wilko864, from the UK, play tier 8 usually, currently Caernavon, centurion I and JPanther II, usually on in evenings, up for a platoon with whoever wants
Joined: 30th May 2017
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31st May 2017

Hello everyone! My Gamertag is: ChilledLava2002. I come from Australia, im 14 and i have been playing for almost 3 years now. I have a tank for pretty much every tier. I love my T-34-85 so much I 3 marked it, also my favourites are the Centurion AX, the is3, the Comet and the Bat Chat 25t. My current tier 10's are the is7, Centurion AX, T62a and the Bat Chat 25t. Im currently grinding to the t92 (at tier 9) and the object 140 (at tier 9). My current stats are: Efficiency: 1,258.89, WN7: 1,555.9, WN8: 1990.91 and im almost at 7k battles (so low compared to other players XD)

My playing times are usually Fridays ,Sundays and occasionally on weekdays. From the time of this post i have exams going on so i might not be on as much as i would.

Thanks Anubis71 for accepting me in and i hope to play and platoon with everyone in this clan. Happy Tanking!
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Joined: 4th Sep 2017
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4th Sep 2017

Tier 7 is my best right now t29 and tiger 1 I have two marks on both I play every afternoon and all day sat

Josh hall

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