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Cpl SolarFlare6565
Goodbye and good luck!
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Joined: 18th Apr 2016
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25th Sep 2016

I've been debating on whether I should leave or not and today was the tipping point. I joined to find people to platoon with since solo can be a slog after 12,000 matches. However, I like to play tier 8 premiums and grind tier 9's. Most players I have run into don't have many/any tier 8' premiums or tier 9's for that matter. 

Reason 2 - I joined back when I was working on 2nd shift and could platoon with people after work. I got moved to 3rd shift shortly after joining and only play in the mornings. I rarely see anyone on at this time. I also work weekend nights so I don't even get that. I was supposed to move back to a regular schedule but that is postponed probably forever. Don't feel bad for me though, I make good money, like my job most of the time and I get about 5 weeks of vacation.

Reason 3 - There has been more and more movement towards competative play and I am not able to contribute on this front. I have several small children and am at the mercy of my wife on when/if I can play. Which leads me to finally:

Reason 4 - I want to apologize to the team. I volunteered for a recent ranked team battle when I thought my wife was going out of town. She changed her mind and then changed her mind again an hour before the battle. I had to help her get all the kids ready. Since I was rushing, we ended up fighting. She left in a huff, I showed up late to the battle (holding up 29 other people), picked the wrong tank, loaded the stock gun and basically set us up to forfeit the match. I want to say this is a one off but my wife has done this to me several times in my life (I've got multiple tickets, been arrested, gotten into fights). She seems to like to sabotage things that matter to me as her way of testing which do I care about more. In the past, it just affected me. I feel shitty about throwing the match and messing things up for 14 other people. I committed to something, gave my word and then let everyone down.

Since, I will not be able to contribute anything to the clan in the near future and we are near capacity. I am leaving with the hope that someone else will join that will be beneficial to you guys. It's been fun playing with some of you. If you see me on in the early mornings (usually sometime between 7am-10am on east), feel free to send me an message.

Goodbye and good luck!

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Joined: 6th Apr 2016
Rank: Commanding Officer
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28th Sep 2016

Sorry I just saw this. I have been using mostly discord.

Thank you for giving us such a thorough explanation of what is going on for you. I hope your move makes your play more enjoyable. If you decide to give it another try, please let us know. Feel free to stay in touch both here and on discord.
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