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Cpl SolarFlare6565

360 tankers, this is THE clan for you.

"Last Gen for the Win"

360 Natives (360NA) is the largest clan dedicated to tanking on the Xbox 360. We are a community of 360 players who like to platoon and compete -- and we strive to make it as easy as possible to do so. Here, no one will have to ask what system other members are on. If they are here, then they can play on 360. It's that simple. If not, then there are plenty of other clans available to join.

We have divisions for both competitive and casual players. Our rosters are organized to make it easier to find people to platoon with. You can find our rosters here: http://360natives.clanweb ...

We have a public discord channel for prospective members to talk to us, and for other clans to contact us about scrims. ... B

Most nights we run two platoons; one at middle tiers and one at top tiers.

For competitive players, we regularly run training room scrimmages, both in-house and with other clans, and enter tournaments.

Members are required to log-in to our website at least once a month in order to know what is going on in the clan. Members are also encouraged to use our discord channel.
Joining and Organization

The clan is primarily organized into two divisions: a competitive division (360C) and reserve division (360R). All new entrants go into the reserve division unless and until you request to join the competitive division. We also group players by region (East and West).

So, what are the requirements to join our reserve division? Our goal is to accept all applicants who are capable of contributing to their team. To that end, we use the following rules of thumb:

Must be able to play at tier VI or above.
Must have either a 49% win rate OR a WN8 rating of 950 (minimum 500 games).
Must have played WOT in the last month.Mic is optional, but highly recommended.
Clan intended for English-speaking NA and EU players.

See the official clan roster and/or apply to join here:

Find your WN8 rating here:  http://www.wotinfo.n...ayer-stats-xbox

You can also track our clan rankings, ratings, win percentages, etc. here:

We are also experimenting with using twitter to announce scrims, practices, and platoon availability. So feel free to follow us at

New members: All new members please post in the new members tread so that we can add you as friends and get you into platoons: http://360natives.clanweb ... opic/new-members-s5q

You can also add some or all the people in your division if you wish.

Current minimum requirements to join 360C are:

Must have a mic -- a working mic is extremely important for competition. While an exception may be made in a special case, you need to have a mic if at all possible.
Must be able to play at tier VII or higher.
Must have either a win percentage of 50% or a WN8 rating of 1150. This requirement will go up over time.

Members of 360R will carry the rank of Private. Members of 360C will carry the rank of Corporal. Team leaders carry the rank of Sergeant.
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